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Tocp100 fiber optic line
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Tocp100 fiber optic line


Application areas:

◆ High energy laser transmission, short and medium distance communication.

◆ Automobile communication, avionics communication power station data acquisition and monitoring control system.

◆ Power signal transmission, locomotive traction control medical sensing, factory automation control.

◆ Laser treatment and surgery.

◆ Solar power generation, wind power generation lighting, near-infrared spectroscopy applications.

◆ Optical temperature measurement, nuclear radiation monitoring, industrial injection molding machines, textile machines, elevators, etc.

Product parameters:

Connector type: TOCP100

Connector material: Plastic sheath \ metal ferrule

Core material diameter: Φ1.0

Core material:   optical fiber imported from Japan.

Finished product diameter: Φ2.2;

Outer cover color: fog black, other colors can be customized

Attenuation: less than 180dB / km

Working temperature: -55 ℃-+ 85 ℃

Standard length: 1000mm, any size from 0-100m can be customized

Meet the standards: European ROHS certification, CE certification.

Product description:

Plastic optical fiber has been used in industrial control for more than 20 years, and it is widely used in field bus, process control and digital control in industrial control. Many factory internal control networks connect controllers with equipment and sensors to monitor data and provide simple control feedback to the production line. As Profibus, Interbus, ControlNet and SERCOS standards adopt plastic optical fiber in electromagnetic noise and demanding environment, as transmission medium, POF can be connected with standard protocol interfaces such as RS232, RS422, 100Mbps Ethernet, token network and so on through converters, thus providing stable and reliable communication lines and high speed transmission of industrial control signals and instructions in the harsh industrial manufacturing environment. The danger of communication interruption caused by electromagnetic interference caused by the use of all owned cable lines is avoided. For plastic optical fiber, because of its outstanding electrical "noise" immunity, it has become a very competitive product to replace copper cable in industrial control bus system and automobile automation application field.