Dongguan dassault optical fiber co. LTD

About us


Dongguan Dassault Optical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of plastic optical fiber cables, optical fiber guide strip, luminous data line optical fiber, optical fiber luminous fabric, optical fiber jumper and optical fiber incidental processing products.

The main products are lighting optical fiber, communication plastic optical cable, optical fiber guide strip, audio optical fiber line, avago optical fiber jumper, most automobile optical fiber line, MR-J3BUS servo optical fiber line, Toshiba tocp series optical fiber line, electric power intelligent meter reading optical fiber line, ABB frequency converter optical fiber line, HCS200/ 300 optical fiber line, H-PCF large core diameter optical cable, SMA905/SMA906 optical fiber cable / ST/FC/SC optical fiber and connector, and other product series. The company is currently working hard to develop PMMA plastic optical fiber in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), fiber-to-the-table (FTTD), local area network (LAN), home intelligent network, industrial control and factory automation, monitoring system, automobile intelligence and multimedia entertainment system, electric power intelligent meter reading system, sensor, jumper, lighting decoration, optical fiber display and military applications.

Since its inception, always adhere to the "customer satisfaction, excellence, continuous innovation" quality policy, strict implementation of ISO9001:2000 quality management system standards to provide customers with high-quality products. We adhere to customer-centered, professional experience in the field of optical fiber, innovative industrial development model, to create maximum value for customers. By establishing a long-term mechanism of corporate social responsibility, paying attention to social and environmental sustainable development, actively performing corporate citizenship duties, promoting green communications, and abiding by business norms, we gradually promote the sustainable development strategy to every link of business operation. Through business practice, to provide customers with valuable and professional solutions and services.